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Wat anderen over Inspiron zeggen

".. has accomplished a perfect result between a strategic assignment and the operational implementation"
".. found a perfect balance between the big picture and the (human) details in many respects"
"Goal driven and at the same time being able to keep all the (international) members staying aligned"
"In case you need to turn around your business or to start up a new business in a complex environment, I would give Inspiron a call."
".. has been at the basis of the start-up, creating a distinguishing foodstore concept for this typical market"
".. knowledge, wide experiences and capabilities were a guarantee for this start-up stage"
"This way Inspiron created the basis for the present management for further development of the concept"
"It was a big pleasure working together with Inspiron: clear, honest and specialized"
"managing the management and the processes, without losing the final aims and goals"
"Without loosing sight of the details, Inspiron applied the "helicopter" view during our start-up business"
"Pro-active and open minded professional who would be a great added value to any retail company around the world..."
"experience, professionalism and open-mindedness are of significant help to grow the company"
"consultancy suggestions helped upgrade the company and increase sales by over 30% so far"



Luc de Jong

S    Skype: inspiron-bv

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